Thursday, May 1, 2008

Twelfth Night

This spring our little town has been blessed to have a homeschool drama class at the community clubhouse which has a nice stage. We have a wondeful woman who has taught drama and worked on productions at UCSB and UCSD as well as at San Diego's Old Globe Theatre. Almost thirty students in grades 4-12 have taken part thus far, and today the parts were given out for an abridged version of Twelfth Night.

And E has been given the part of Olivia -- just the part she wanted! She gets to be beautiful, gracing the stage in her lovely ballgown and shawl. Our good friend Aubrey will be playing Viola, and our friend Olivia is playing Maria. So E will be playing in her very first play, portraying a great role. What fun for her! She's been wanting to try a little drama for such a long time, and these classes are FREE. Our only problem is that E can only attend every OTHER class because of Class Day, but I may let her miss a class if she needs to and nothing very important is going on in biology or self-defense.

She's so excited, and so are we. She's already highlighting her lines and writing down her blocking. They'll have lots of rehearsals outside of the usual class periods, so that will work well, especially as the clubhouse is within walking distance of our house.

What fun!

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