Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dancing with the Stars

Elizabeth and I have been addicted to ABC's popular Dancing with the Stars since mid-way through the first season. Only once did our favorite not win, and that was John O'Hurley in Season 1. Usually we go into the finals perfectly sure of whom we are supporting, dialing away on both landline and cell phones to vote each week and help determine the outcome.

Not this season.

We simply haven't landed on an absolute favorite dancer although we agree that all three couples in the Finals next Monday night deserve to be there. Ty & Chelsie should have gone and did go last night, ending a spectacular run of the most improved couple of the Season 8. Ty is so real, so humble, and works so hard that I felt he indeed deserved to make it to the semi-finals last week. But no further.

We both like Melissa & Tony and Shawn & Mark, but it seems too hard to choose between them. Melissa came into the competition with only four days' notice and has been a strong competitor despite multiple injuries that nearly sidelined her. Shawn has been a determined dancer, working hard as an Olympic Gold Medalist. Melissa is graceful and fluid while Shawn is precise and perky but can be intense when she wants to be. Or needs to be. We're happy with either of them winning.

Gilles is handsome and a good dancer, but I just don't see much improvement in his dancing. He came out in Week One in first place, and he remains in first place going into the finals. He doesn't show as much personality in his dancing, according to Elizabeth -- maybe it's a European thing. But we prefer the young ladies to win -- either of them.

So I guess we'll watch the finals on Monday and decide for whom we will vote. Elizabeth is leaning toward voting for Melissa; I'm undecided. It should definitely an exciting finals of the eighth season of Dancing with the Stars.

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