Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Recital

The boys had a rather impromptu piano recital on Saturday afternoon. They were a bit out of practice after not having lessons for a month or so, but they've made arrangements to walk the teacher's rambunctious dog and do a little yardwork in exchange for piano lessons, so they're starting up again. They have been playing for three years in August and really enjoy it.

T played "Pagoda Tree"

J played two of my favorites: "Sea Mist" and "Landscape." Lovely!

J and Jack, who are both part of Father Acker's Free Teen Guitar Class, also played a couple of duets on guitar including "La Bamba"; unfortunately, my angle for taking photos was not good. I'll post a photo if Jack's parents send me some.

Approximately nine students played during the recital; one girl played flute as well as piano, performing a duet as she played flute and Teri, the teacher, played piano. Lovely! I wish I could afford to have B start lessons in the fall as he'll be in 4th grade; we'll have to see what kind of a bartering arrangement we can work out. Teri is a wonderful teacher, and the boys really like her. I wish I had time to take lessons myself; learning piano has always been one of my B-HAGs (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals).


Jane D. said...

I'd love to learn but somehow don't think the fingers or wrists would be so enthusiastic x.

Susanne Barrett said...

Same here. Fingers and wrists are hard to deal with. :( Some day when we get cured, right!


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