Tuesday, May 5, 2009

On NaPoWriMo at 10 Minute Writer

My friend Kathy at the 10 Minute Writer blog has been very kind in posting a two-part series I wrote about my experience of writing thirty poems in thirty days during April, National Poetry Month. Obviously, the poems are more rough drafts than anything -- rarely did I manage more than a quick proofreading to locate typos before posting them. If you would like to read some, you may scroll down through the blog entries or click on the "Poetry" option in the Labels Archive near the bottom of the sidebar.

You may read Part 1 of my poetry-writing experience by clicking here: Can You Write a Poem a Day for Thirty Days?

Thanks, Kathy, for being willing to post my writing! Her blog is really helpful for those of us trying to scrape a few minutes to write out of our busy days; I highly recommend it.

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