Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Few Changes

I've decided to change my blog a bit -- after seeing a few blogs that are lighter and cleaner, I thought I'd take a stab. I'm having problems getting my header set, though -- I want to use a different font than the six I have to choose from for text, but only for the header.

I've spent close to four hours trying to figure it out, so if you know how to use a separate font(s) for just the header on Blogger, please let me know.

More changes coming soon!!!!


Jane D. said...

I found just going through the different templates to see which ones would let me use the fonts/ colour combinations I wanted - I look forward to seeing how this develops - I'm always enjoy seeing a change!

Dancingirl said...

Wow, it's a lot different! I like it. (For me, simpler is almost always better.)

Susanne Barrett said...

Thanks, both of you!


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