Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Performance Finale: So You Think You Can Dance

( Image from Evan and Kayla's Viennese Waltz

Tonight the top four dancers of Season Five's So You Think You Can Dance are performing for the title of "America's Favorite Dancer." My absolute favorite is Evan, pictured above, whose Broadway style has long been a favorite of mine. Despite Nigel's dismissive comments (which may work in Evan's favor as people who love Evan will definitely pick up the phone in his defense), Evan simply shone tonight ... as an original.

The vast majority of Top Four Dancers throughout the show have been contemporary dancers, just as the other three dancers in THIS Top Four are. But Evan is different -- his Fred Astaire/Gene Kelly/Donald O'Connor style is so innocent, so refreshing. He doesn't push himself to the forefront like the other dancers, but is a wonderful Mr. Nice Guy.

I just hope that Mr. Nice Guy won't finish last.

Kayla, also pictured above, is my second favorite and has been since the very first tryouts. I love her. She's "white-lightning" gorgeous with her lines, her poses, her abilities, her personality. I've felt attached to her ever since her first tryouts with her grandparents at her side and the way they have scrimped and saved to make her dreams possible. And she deserves it -- her story only enhances her beauty, her passion, and her God-given talent. Kayla simply sparkles her way across the stage. If Evan doesn't win, I want her to win.

Jeannine is my next favorite. I don't dislike her at all but she's a little too hard around the edges for me. She's talented -- no doubt about it -- but somehow I don't feel the need to pick up the phone for her. She's one of the favorites, but I always root for the underdogs, who, according to Nigel Lithgoe, judge and executive producer, are Evan and Kayla. So although I like Jeannine, I just don't love her. Not enough to vote for her, anyway.

Brandon is one talented young man, and I think he may win. He's shy, self-effacing at times, yet I just don't feel like picking up the phone for him as I do for Evan and Kayla. Brandon has been in the forefront since the very beginning, since the first tryouts, and he's been there all the way, rather like Jeannine. He finally won Mia Michaels over, but he hasn't quite won me. Although, as I said, I think he will probably win.

But I simply adore Evan, so I'm crossing my fingers, hoping that he will win. Elizabeth is busily dialing the phone, voting for her favorite Jeannine and my favorite, Evan, thirty votes each. And I'm getting out my cell in just a minute to add votes to Evan and some for Kayla as well.

We'll see who the winner is tomorrow night. The intriguing thing about So You Think You Can Dance is that we're voting for "America's Favorite Dancer," not America's BEST Dancer. That's what makes So You Think You Can Dance so interesting. And nailbiting.

Go, Evan!!!!

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