Thursday, August 13, 2009

Third Anniversary of Blogging

Today marks the third anniversary of my adventure in blogging. Yes, it's been three years and nearly 800 postssince I started blogging. I don't have a huge following (yet) but I am extremely grateful to those who read here consistently, and especially to those of you who comment. So....

Each day I look forward to writing on this blog. Yes, my topic choices are rather
eclectic; you may read thoughts about faith, gardening, family, worship, U2, Anglican Church, TV programs, books, movies, writing, home education, genealogy, favorite writers, photography, art, travel, poetry, small town living, the weather and seasons, and so on. I love writing about the subjects about which I am passionate.

So thanks for reading and commenting, and thanks for recommending me to other blog readers. And please hang around for the next year and keep reading and commenting!


Anne said...

Happy Anniversary Susanne and many, many more!

Luke said...

Happy Blogoversary!



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