Friday, November 6, 2009

Progress ... Finally!

I decided to put my NaNoWriMo writing first today and will grade the daily MLA paper a bit later this evening, and I took my total from under 1700 to just over 4000 words tonight. Yay!

If you look at the very top of my sidebar, just under the NaNoWriMo logo, are two little widgets, also courtesy of NaNoWriMo. One tracks how many words I have posted (and automatically tallies it right from my NaNoWriMo Author Page!) while the other tracks the percentage I am to the goal of 50,000 words and how many days are left in the challenge. Pretty darn cool, eh?

I'm finally getting on a roll with the story. I took an idea from the Twilight books and bent it to work with my character's circumstances. I'm seeing how this conflict is going to reveal a great deal about my character and the huge changes coming to her life. And it's beginning to work.

It's been really, really difficult to start this story again after 11 months of letting it lie fallow. But it's finally beginning to flow, and I am so grateful. Finally. Yes, finally.

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