Thursday, May 20, 2010

Multitude Thursday???

So it's been six weeks since I posted on my Attitude of Gratitude as part of Ann Voskamp's Holy Experience journey to One Thousand Gifts. So I will continue, even on a Thursday, to wend my way to Number 1000....

So today, even on a Thursday, I thank the Lord for...

171. ...a successful surgery for my former student, Michelle, who had a stroke on her wedding night last month--a stroke resulting from a benign tumor in her heart. Although she's been recovering slowly from the effects of the stroke, today she underwent open heart surgery to remove the tumor and close the hole in her heart. And she was out of surgery in record time and is recovering well.

172. ...the cool nights and the fragrant, warming days, lilac-scented, of a mountain spring.

173. wonderful husband who loves me despite me.

174. ...our beautiful daughter who will be graduating from twelve years of homeschooling. This weekend we'll be sending out graduation announcements and party invitations to her graduation 1950's Sock-Hop.

175. ...a busy month at Brave Writer, complete with a glowing letter from clients about me.

176. ...poems that flow from one's soul, somehow, during National Poetry Month--some poems that sucked, some that were fairly good. But the process of writing, of putting nib to paper and allowing heart to Priceless.

177. ...incredible poets in my 4th-6th grade poetry class at our homeschool co-op who adore words and can't stop writing. Bliss!

178. ...shining stars in my online classes who make me adore teaching...and almost enjoy grading essays.

179. ...lined paper, begging to be written upon.

180. ...and last, most importantly, my dad survived a double bypass surgery while on vacation in Hawaii--where he is recovering with my mom.

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Jane D. said...

lovely list Susanne x x x

Susanne Barrett said...

Thank you, dear Jane. Returning the love: xxxx


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