Friday, May 28, 2010

The Janet B. McCabe Poetry Prize

Today I swallowed my fears, bucked up, and did it. I sent off three poems to Ruminate Magazine's Janet B. McCabe Poetry Prize. This is my first time sending off poems to a literary magazine. I love Ruminate; if I had the spare change to buy a subscription, I definitely would. It's a wonderful Christian arts and writing journal, and I was fortunate in meeting the editors at the Ad Lib Christian Arts Retreat in Colorado in 2006.

So I sent in slightly revised versions of "Tone-deaf?", "On Rosetti's La Pia de Tolomei", and "Easter Life." I like the latter poem best, but with a September publication date, I was reluctant to send it but did it anyway--I think it's one of the best poems I've yet written.

I've been published by friends; I've read my work in church services as well as a reading as Featured Artist for our local arts council and at Ad Lib. But really, I've only been published in high school and college literary magazines, in a local Mensa newsletter, and in one "poetry business" anthology (back before I knew better).

So I send up a prayer, cross fingers, and send off my little word-children to see if they can make their way into the literary world alone...and if I can make my way into the literary world as well.


sarah said...

Oh my! Wishing you lots of luck my dear!! You are brave and good to do it. I hope your word-children fare well in the world :-)

Susanne Barrett said...

Thank you SO MUCH, Sarah! I'm hoping for the best but at least will have the first official rejection letters for my file. :) Every writer needs a slew of those, right?


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