Monday, January 31, 2011

A Monday Multitude

My last copy of the BCP to edit....
It's been a crazy-busy few weeks.

I've been scrambling and scrabbling to fit it all in:

editing the prayer book

teaching the online class

teaching and grading for the two co-op writing classes

homeschooling the boys

keeping the household running

facilitating the little writers' workshop

365 photo blogging

writing my own stuff
It's been a juggling act. And I've been quite literally burning the candle at both ends.

But this week I'm between Class Day co-ops, and I'm between online classes, and the prayer book is at the printer. Our writers' workshop doesn't meet until February 9, and I've uploaded two chapters of my current writing project in the last three days.

So this week I hope to...REST.

My dear friend high school friend who now lives in Australia will be staying with us for part of the week, and we have big plans for Wednesday, but, other than that and the fact that I need to finish grading and post semester grades for my co-op classes, I don't have much going on this week. So I do hope to allow body, mind, and soul to REST.

What a lovely, unfamiliar, intoxicating word that is...REST.

So as I anticipate RESTING in Him this week, I can't help but tally up my thanks and post them to The Gratitude Community as I continue my quest for One Thousand Gifts as I approach the half-way mark of this journey.

This week I give thanks to God for...

481. ...the prayer book being sent to the printer!!! Yay!!!!

482. ...the return to a "normal" life with exercise, eating right, and more calm than I've experienced in quite a while

483. ...the arrival of my dear friend this week--we haven't seen each other in several years

484. ...two wonderful co-op classes filled with students who love to learn

485. ...the finish of another wonderful Brave Writer online workshop of "Groovy Grammar"

486. ...the slowly-growing popularity of my current writing project--just passed 5000 "reads" over ten weeks today! Much slower than many, but pleasing enough....

487. ...the return to blogging--I've missed you all! And I missed several days of my 365 photo blog, too.

488. ...cuddling my youngest just now who (almost) still fits in my lap

489. ...sunny January days for the last two weeks

490. ...the patter of rain on our roof last night

So I do hope to REST a little this week as I gear up for next week's Playing with Poetry Workshop on Brave Writer. We're going to explore and write all kind of poetry, including song lyrics, haiku, tanka, shape and concrete poems, traditional verse, free verse, plus cinquain and diamante poems. It'll be so much FUN!!! Please join the class if you'd like--it's a wonderful workshop for the whole family!

With thanks this day,

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