Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Art Class Today....

Today twenty-one kids and several adults assembled in our town's community "clubhouse" for the third of our creative arts council's "Taste of Art" summer program lessons. After learning a bit about music and writing in previous weeks, today's program was woodworking; the kids made bird houses and also participated in a castle-building contest, with the winners' photos to be displayed at our town's annual festival this Saturday. We'll also display some of the kids' work in our booth as well.

In the photo above, the girl whom E tutors during the year is intent on drilling her nail holes as she assembles her bird house. After assembly, the builders were able to paint their creations, and then build castles from scrap pieces in a contest while their bird houses dried.

The "Taste of Art" classes have been a huge success in our small town and in another area even further east. It's been a real joy watching my own kids as well as other children discover their possible future passions. Today I watched the kids' faces light up as they finished their bird houses. Sometimes they struggled with nailing and construction, but overall, they had a great time, as did the adult helpers.

Special thanks to Mr. Marshall, who did all the prep work and teaching, to Mr. Charley and Mrs. Jenny who helped, and even greater thanks to Judith, who masterminded our backcountry creative arts group in the first place! Mountain Empire Creative Arts Council is just getting started, and I pray that we'll be a resource both for backcountry artists to network as well as to share our artistic talents with our small communities, especially with the kids who receive very little art instruction in the schools.

Next Tuesday: Watercolors!

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