Monday, July 2, 2007

A Delightfully Delicious Film

I was not thrilled with the idea of waiting for two hours in the late-June afternoon sun of an outdoor mall with a couple hundred people in order to see a movie about rats. But when Keith was given six free tickets to the special premiere of the latest Pixar offering, I was hoping that waiting in the long line would be worth it. And it was, truly.

We arrived at the theatre two hours before show time, and within twenty minutes, the tickets were gone. We whiled away the time and were unfortunately seated in the first three rows in the very front of the theatre. But even cricks in our necks were of minimal concern while watching this great movie.

I mean, how often can one watch a children's film that contains lessons for all ages: "Not everyone can be an artist, but an artist can be anyone"? How often can one watch a children's film that is rated "G" and contains NO potty humor? (Why do the people who create most children's movies think that jokes about fecal matter are hilarious? They're not. One more reason NOT to see Evan Almighty.) Keith and I enjoyed Ratatouille just as much as our kids did. The animation was gorgeous, the conflict believable, the plot twisty and turny in all the right ways, and the characters endearing yet complex. And the food -- ooh la la! The dishes practically sizzle on the screen; I wish "smellivision" were possible (except for the garbage scenes, of course!).

Ratatouille is a must-see, for all ages. Don't miss it -- it was even worth spending a summer afternoon waiting in line.

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Lona said...

Thanks for the review, Susanne. Enjoying your blogs!



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