Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Writing Class

Today the writing class that Judith and I are teaching as part of our creative art group's summer program "A Taste of Art" was held in our own town, and we ended up with nearly twenty participants, including one adult. The kids were much older this week, with most of them around age 8-10 or older. Last week was difficult with young kids ages 5-8, so today's class went far better.

The kids enjoyed talking about writing, looking at the natural objects, sketching, brainstorming, and then writing either their poem or story. It was a good exchange of ideas, and a lot of fun making their final books. Some of the writers allowed me to read their work at the end of the class, but some were too shy to do so. Most asked me not to read their names.

Overall, I was impressed with their creativity and their ideas. Several of the stories would make great kids' picture books. I'm glad that this was the last class we have to teach; Judith and I will only be helping the other artist teachers in woodworking and watercolor classes for the rest of the month.

Tonight at our monthly creative arts meeting we also enjoyed hearing from Stephanie Wells, who wrote and published her own book on our inner genius. She encouraged us in publishing our own works, so we had a really good discussion on the best ways and means to go about publishing the books several of us are working on. She also gave us permission to take her materials to our next writing workshop meeting.

So today was another writing day, and I even had time to work on my talk for Thursday night on England. So I managed to get more writing accomplished in the midst of teaching writing and hearing about writing as well.

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