Monday, July 16, 2007

This Week....

We have a busy week ahead of us. Today was a fairly restful day, which was good because I didn't start feeling human until well after noon. We only had to drive into La Mesa to see Dr. Burns, my chiropractor. Before the boys' swim lessons, I stopped by All Things Bright and British to get items for my England table for Thursday: clotted cream, lemon curd, blackcurrant preserves, and a Union Jack (British flag). The kind lady working there also provided me with several free British newspapers, some British flag stickers, and some small flags on toothpicks. Then a quick stop by Barnes and Noble to get info on their Harry Potter prty and to pick up a birthday gift for my friend Sheri. Then we were racing up the hill to swim lessons in Alpine (and passed Keith on the freeway; he passed us just before our exit).

Tuesday Judith and I are teaching a writing class in Pine Valley with about sixteen kids; the class will last about two and a half hours. Then Tuesday night we have our monthly creative arts meeting with a writer who has been recently published as our Featured Artist; our new writing workshop group has been invited as well. On Wednesday, I'll probably take the kids down in the afternoon into the city to swim at a friend's pool, and then we'll go to swim lessons after that. On Thursday we have our creative arts board meeting at 12:30, and then I'm doing my presentation on England (British literature and the Anglican Church) Thursday night at church.

On Friday, Keith will drop E off at B&N on his way to work so she can get her wrist thingy that will allow her to line up for her pre-ordered seventh book in the Harry Potter series. I'll pick her up after the healing service at Alpine Anglican, then go see the chiropractor again. We'll rest up Friday afternoon before going back into the city to B&N for all the partying as we wait for the books to go on sale at midnight. My copy won't come until Saturday at least; E is purchasing her own copy of Deathly Hallows; I suppose that she'll be reading ALL NIGHT and I certainly can't blame her. Once I get mine, I doubt I'll put it down except for church.

So we have quite the busy week ahead of us. I'll be glad to be only helping to teach art classes after this, and we only have one more week of swim lessons after this one, and only one more week of our Thursday women's summer series. August should be a bit calmer, and that's when I hope to get back to my writing....

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