Friday, July 6, 2007

Crazy, HOT Week!

We came home from the 4th to find extreme heat in the mountains: 112 degrees on our front porch! We arrived home at 11:30, and with the kids pitching in greatly, we had the luncheon meeting for the creative arts council ready at 12:30. The meeting lasted until nearly 3:00, and within the hour we were heading to Alpine for the boys' swim lessons. After swim, I met Keith at the small grocery store in Alpine and handed off the boys to him to take home while I drove on into town.

There I stopped by the mall nearest church and picked up our matinee tickets for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for next Wednesday. After grabbing a quick chicken taco at Rubio's, I headed over to church for our women's Summer Series.

We're studying Our Heritage in Christ. This night the Americas were our focus, with women presenting tables laden with food, decorations, and stories of their heritage or missions service from the countries of Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, and Paraguay. We sampled chicken tacos, Peruvian caramel cookies, pasty-like treats filled with VERY spicy meat, and a type of savory corn bread. We were also given recipes for all the treats, with prayer requests for that particular country on the flip side of the card. Next week is Africa/Middle East, then after that Europe (I'll be presenting England) and East Asia. It's been a great Summer Series so far.

Next Tuesday starts our creative art council's "Taste of Art" series, held in our town and a neighboring town, with art classes in music, writing, woodworking, and watercoloring. I'll be teaching the writing component, along with Judith, and we have all the other teachers lined up and ready to go. I'm also handling the registration for our town which has been a bit complicated but is coming along.

So with the Summer Series on every Thursday night at Lake Murray, the art classes in our mountain area on every Tuesday afternoon, art council board meetings every other Thursday, the boys' swim classes every Monday and Wednesday afternoon in Alpine (halfway to the city), Friday morning Anglican services also in Alpine, and our new Logos reading group meeting the last Sunday of the month (reading and discussing Traveling Mercies), July may just be a very busy month. I'm still hoping to rest and work on my book, if I have time, that is....

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