Monday, March 10, 2008

One Thing: Shakespeare

Hey Shakespeare fans! I just wanted to do a little ever-so-humble self-promotion and tell you about one of my upcoming endeavors. In May I'll be teaching a "One Thing Workshop" for the wonderful home school writing site -- and our topic will be THE BARD!

Here's Julie's spiel for the class:

We have such a treat for you! Susanne Barrett (best known as our Slingshot poetry guru around here) is back to teach our first One Thing Shakespeare. May is Shakespeare month in Brave Writer so we felt that offering a special workshop designed to make Shakespeare fresh and accessible would be a great addition to our workshop list. As with all of our One Thing workshops, you enroll as a family. Susanne will feature a bit of background about Shakespeare, will teach you how to read and enjoy one of Shakespeare's sonnets, and will walk you through how to read a play and watch it in a movie format to get the maximum benefit from Shakespeare. We'll enjoy "Much Ado About Nothing" together.

If you are intimidated by the bard, aren't sure you "get" Shakespeare or just want a fresh take on how to enjoy the delights of Shakespearean language, this is a wonderful month-long treat.

Wow, I'm blushing! (Really.) But all modesty (hem!) aside, I am really looking forward to having some serious fun with Shakespeare in May. My writing students at Class Day will be eyebrows-deep in their research papers which means no grading for me until said papers are completed in early June, and I will be finished with the grammar tutorials I'm writing for Carmen's composition class at Cuyamaca College. So, with all my time-comsuming stuffola completed or on hold, I will have a nice block of time to devote to teaching dear old Will.

I'm currently reading Shakespeare of London by Marchette Chute, and I'm such a Shakespearean sonnet fan that I can teach them in my sleep; I may even do one of the humorous ones. And doing Much Ado will be a blast with all of the hilarious speeches to pull apart and examine plus the wonderful Kenneth Branagh film to laugh over and discuss. It's gonna totally wonderful, and I'm really looking forward to it.

If you're interested in taking the class, you can register on the site right HERE. See ya there, Bard fans! "Will" do! (Geddit?)

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