Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Short Vay-Kay

The kids and I are heading up north at oh-dark-thirty tomorrow morning ... well, 7 AM anyway, for a short vacation. We'll be joining my parents and my brother and his family up at Knotts for a couple days and a third day of doing something else that we haven't completely decided on yet ... perhaps the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana.

Anyway, Keith is gonna "hold down the fort" and take care of the animals... or the dog at least (I think the rat and the fish will only need occasional food). He will work on the stained glass window and work on a couple of smaller jobs as well. Since he sprained his back a week or so ago roller coasters are definitely a no-no, so he wouldn't have been able to have much fun, anyway. And he will totally enjoy a silent house -- for a few days, anyway.

So the kids and I'll get back after dinner on Saturday night, and I'll have to get the Stations of the Cross ready to hang at Lake Murray after second service Palm Sunday. (I'm praying that we'll have real palms in church on Sunday!) And then my favorite week of the entire year starts ... Holy Week!

See ya all on the flip side!

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