Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cool Music Playlist!

I was reading my blogs via Google Reader (such a great timesaving device for sure!), and I had followed Pam's link to a blog about a family who gave birth on April 7th to a baby girl who only lived for two hours. As I finished reading the entries (through my tears, I might add) I noticed something really cool: a playlist thingy on her sidebar that allows you to create your own FREE PLAYLIST and then put it on your blog's sidebar so that when people read your blog (and have their volume turned up) your special playlist plays for them -- and also plays for you while you write posts, too.

If you're interested, then you can click right here. And every time you visit me, turn up your volume! You can scroll down a bit and find my listing of songs which I've set to play at random so you'll get a different song each time. Know that U2 figures greatly in the list (like over half), so if you're a fan of the boys from Dublin, turn it UP!

ENJOY! (I know I will!)

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