Monday, April 21, 2008

The Domestic Monastery

I ran across this site in the files for Sonlight Catholic Yahoo groups, and I remember finding solace in it before when the kids were little and we were at home a great deal of the time. Yet as homeschoolers, we still spend most of our days just at home and with one another. The most valuable aspect of this article is the fact that God underlined for me: MY TIME IS NOT MY OWN BUT HIS. My time belongs to the Lord. Not to me. So whatever I do, He has chosen it for me. An excellent and timely reminder as I struggle with having so little freetime, or rather, have my freetime swallowed up in teaching and volunteer work, all of which God has called me to do even if it keep me too busy for much leisure reading (but that's what summer is for, right?).

So enjoy this article, especially is you are the mother of young ones or if God has given you the blessing and vocation of home education: The Domestic Monastery.

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