Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Sweet 16, Sweet Girl!

This week was an extremely busy one, with E's 16th birthday right in the middle. Keith took the boys for the day while E and I lunched at Souplantation (thanks to gift cards from my Secret Sister last year) and, after extensive browsing at Barnes and Noble, went to a matinee showing Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day in the theatre. (Really liked it -- but not necessarily a movie that HAS to be seen in the theatre). I had planned on taking her to see a different movie, one that MUST be seen in the theatre, but the local I-MAX cut the U2 3D film run short (they had advertised showings on her birthday last month, and now they don't, and it's not showing anywhere in our area anymore). We were both rather bummed about missing it.

On our way out of the mall and home to where Keith was busily making a wonderful birthday dinner, we stopped by Charlotte Russe, and E had fun trying on the dollar sunglasses and picking out a pair. I played papparazzi while she played starlet -- it was plain old silliness, and a perfect way to celebrate a 16th birthday. So here's our girl --

We finished up the evening with Keith's wonderful Chicken Parmigiana and homemade Boston Cream Pie before settling in to watch some TV for the rest of the evening. We'll be celebrating with a family party a week from this Sunday (the only weekend day my parents will be home before their annual six weeks in Hawaii), and we're inviting a few families from our town as well.

We're very proud of our girl -- she's such a wonderful person, and I love spending time with her. We sat at Souplantation, talking about her future plans for college, including her wish to try some drama (a class is starting in our town for homeschoolers next week, taught by an Old Globe alumnus). She's just a great person to hang with.

Happy 16th, E!

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