Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ugh ... It's Caught Us at Last

Well, we're finally down sick. We've avoided the flu bug that made the round through our town and through church all winter long. But this week we finally succumbed to a cold/flu thing. B was first and just laid on the sofa all day Monday, not the usual behaviour for my active eight-year-old. He complained of a sore throat and soon was going through tissues by the dozen. On Tuesday morning it caught up with T and E, and by Tuesday night it was my turn. Today J (who has stayed well thus far and better remain well as he's leaving for Hawaii with my parents in a week) and B (who has recovered) did school work and I managed the reading aloud lessons of Bible, Bible history, poetry, literature, and history despite a very sore throat. My friend Judith stopped by today with an herbal antiobiotic cocktail for me that's especially for viruses that I hope will clear this thing away, and I am feeling somewhat improved tonight.

Normally a sick week would be just a sick week, no sweat. But this weekend we're having thirty-some people over to celebrate E's "Sweet 16" birthday with a barbecue on Sunday afternoon. I had planned to be out working in the yard and also doing some deep cleaning in the house this week, but none of that has been happening. We'll just have to lower our (I should say *MY*) standards a bit and just enjoy the celebration and not worry that everything isn't perfect.

Here's to Cold Eeze, lots of liquids, Chloraseptic Throat Spray, lots of citrus and strawberries, lots of tea, and to Judith's herbal antibiotics! I hope that we'll be ready to clean the house and get the yard in order on Saturday and part-ay on Sunday.

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