Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dancing with the Stars

E and I are once again entranced by Dancing with the Stars this sixth season. Our favorite couple is Shannon and Derek, followed by Kristi and Mark and Marlee and Fabian. We love watching the wonderful dancing, the lovely costumes (if sometimes too skimpy -- the boys aren't allowed to watch!), and the behind-the-scenes drama of learning the intricate dances.

At this point, Kristi and Mark seem like a shoe-in (pardon da pun), but last year's obvious choice certainly made an early exit, so anything TRULY can happen on this show. I love Marlee's pluck -- how a "profoundly deaf" woman dances so well to the music is beyond me. She brought tough Carrie Ann to tears last night with her performance. Len has a soft spot for Shannon, giving her his only "10" of the night and his first "10" of the season. Kristi and Jason may have received one more point each, but Shannon danced the best in our book.

We're really waiting for Marissa to get voted off -- she isn't a good dancer and she annoys the heck outta us. We would have preferred her going to Adam's exit tonight -- at least his unicycle routine was nothing if not entertaining....

It's just a fun, fun show to watch -- I just wish I could dance like that!

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