Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Delight of Writing Christmas Cards

Today I am curling up on the sofa with a TV tray in front of me. Beloved fountain pen in hand, I will write close to two hundred Christmas cards, of which about one hundred twenty will be mailed and the remainder will be placed in the Lake Murray Christmas Card Boxes in the foyer which (blessedly) require no postage.

As much as I enjoy receiving Christmas cards, I delight in writing them. I pray for each person or family as I write the Christmas and New Year greeting and sign each of our six names on most of the cards. With Christmas music playing in the background -- a mixture of Bing Crosby, Amy Grant, John Denver, and the Brian Setzer Orchestra -- I scribble away, finding peace and hope somehow in the many friends and family I send these cards to each year. Many are friends who have moved away; some are long-distance family members. A good number are for friends who live in the San Diego area but whom we rarely see through the year. I often pen a personal note on the left side of the open card opposite our signature -- a little something that goes beyond well-wishes.

All together, it's a pleasant way to spend a Saturday in writing notes and enclosing our annual family missive (which I will post here closer to Christmas). It's a joyful, peaceful process that somehow centers me in the Holy Days, one that readies my heart for celebrating the coming of Our Saviour. 

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