Monday, December 14, 2009

Joining the Gratitude Community

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This past year has been extremely difficult for our family. My husband's business of 25 years has slowed to almost nothingness with only one house drawn this year (an 800 sq. ft. cabin) and a few fire rebuilds for which he draws lot plans for the Salvation Army. So Keith has been working as a handyman, doing anything and everything that comes his way: painting interiors and exteriors of homes, mending and refinishing front doors and windows, tiling bathrooms, landscaping, laying a brick deck, working on putting an elevator in my parents' home, repairing walls and wood floors, repairing kitchen counters, etc. I've been taking on more classes and subscriptions at Brave Writer while continuing to home school our four young people.

It's easy to become discouraged when creditors call, when bills sit on my desk unpaid, when rice and soups make up the majority of our meals, when kids' shoes wear out and we can't replace them.

So focusing on gratitude seems like an excellent idea. Despite our financial circumstances, we still have MUCH to be thankful for, and keeping thanksgiving at the forefront of my thoughts will only help celebrate our Father who gives good gifts and will help me to remain positive. Here's Ann's post of how the Gratitude Community began, one that definitely inspires me to walk in gratitude, now and always.

So I am joining Ann's Gratitude Community at Holy Experience, and each "Multitude Monday" I will add to my list, working towards 1000 Gifts of Gratitude. Feel free to join the Gratitude Community yourself as well as we give thanks to Our God and King, our Loving Father, who gives us far more than we deserve.

On my first Multitude Monday, I thank our Lord for:

1. Being a God who loves me just as I am, but also loves me too much to let me stay that way

2. A wonderful, hardworking, generous husband who loves me far more than I deserve

3. A beautiful daughter who, at almost 18, is my best girl-friend and partner-in-crime

4. An oldest son who adores cuddling with me, even though he's almost 15

5. A middle son who is creative, mischievous, and cuddly, too, despite being 12. 

6. A youngest son who is the family clown and who hugs and kisses me often during the day - just turned 10 this week.

7. The blessings of having all of our young people learn together each day in our home school

8. The light of Advent candles flickering on beloved faces as we read Scripture aloud each evening

9. Our kids' good health

10. My pain meds which are affordable and help me to do what I want and need to do each day

So what are you thankful for in this Advent Season of waiting and hoping?


Jane D. said...

That's beautiful Susanne, am thinking that I might start this in the new year to celebrate my first blog 'o' versery!

Anonymous said...

I just read your fantastic post here. It seems like we share the attitude that “Gratitude is good for you.” Grateful Nation is an online community that gives grateful people the opportunity and resources to connect, give back, and be thankful. Jump into the unending cycle of gratitude here at Grateful Nation Thank you, Vanessa


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