Saturday, February 13, 2010

Opening Ceremonies

Tonight the kids and I watched the Opening Ceremonies of the Vancouver Winter Olympics.


For me the highlight came just before the entrance of the Olympic flag. I'm not a big k.d. lang fan, but her rendition of my favorite song, "Hallelujah," was breathtaking, although I still think I prefer Justin Timberlake's version of the Hope for Haiti telethon.

The entire Opening Ceremonies has been incredible. And should be, for $30-40 million! Yes, it was lovely, but think what that money could have done for Haiti or other poor countries! The artistic side of me appreciates the beauty of the Ceremonies, yet the practical part of me cringes at that much money being spent.

The moment of silence for the fallen Georgian athlete who died on the luge run this morning was touching, and I offered my prayers as well.

The earlier parts of the Ceremonies was beautifully done. The trek across Canada was stunning, as was the tap dancing -- seriously!

I shall be bleary-eyed (or more bleary-eyed than usual, I should say) for the next 18 days or so while the Olympics play out. I love the figure skating especially, but also have to watch Apollo Anton Ohno go for his golds, plus Shawn White the snowboarder and the skiiers are incredible, too.

There's just something about the Olympics that draws me in, draws many in around the world. The Olympic Flame enters the stadium as I type this, wheeled in by a para-Olympian and then lastly by Gretzky, and the mechanical problem has happened that I read about on Facebook strikes. But the torch is now lit and the games may begin!

Go USA! :)

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