Monday, April 23, 2007

Another Reason I Love the Internet....

Today the boys and I were studying Rosa Park, Martin Luther King Jr., Selma, and the March on Washington in our history books. Getting a bright idea, I fetched my laptop, Googled "i have a dream," and in fifteen seconds we were watching King's famous speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in its entirety via U-TUBE.

Then our next history chapter mentioned the assassination of JFK, and again Google video came through. There was the famous video, with Jackie Kennedy in her pink pillbox hat and JFK being whisked away in the back of the convertible.

It's amazing that in a few taps of the keyboard and a few clicks of a mouse, we can access history and make it alive and real to our boys. What an education!

So, today is another reason why I love the Internet for homeschooling.

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