Thursday, April 19, 2007

Evangelical Catholicism?

My Sunday School teacher from Lake Murray e-mailed me the following article after also e-mailing it to some of our elders. I read it with growing enthusiasm: here is a Protestant pastor who GETS the Catholic faith. I think I agreed with 95% of this article and am thrilled to find other people who have the same passion I do in bridging the gap between Protestants and Catholics. I'm a new fan of John Armstrong.

I also noticed in his list of upcoming appearances that he's speaking at ecumenical gatherings between Catholics and Protestants as well as at Presbyterian and Anglican churches and Wheaton University. I'm very much looking forward to receiving his weekly articles and chewing on what he has to say. He's a very good writer writing on excellent topics that should be close to every Christian's heart, no matter the tradition.

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