Friday, April 20, 2007

A Late Spring?

Last weekend we experienced snow at my parents' cabin. After some sunshiny and warm days this week, tonight we watched fat snowflakes descend from the mottled sky above our own house.

Spring is late this year. It's funny -- winter was warm and dry; February was so unbelievably warm that I was outside gardening two months before I usually do. My birthday was sunny (never happens!) and I even got sunburned at our women's retreat in late March.

April, however, has been a different story. It's been c-c-c-cold. I've had to pull my one-gallon tomato plants off the porch and into the laundry room every night for fear of frost. And then this last weekend's and this weekend's snows ... what's up?

Our local weather forecaster claims that tonight's storm is the last gasp of winter. All I can say is that I'm totally enjoying a lovely fire in our woodburning stove tonight (thanks to Sheri for the wood!) as I snuggle under my velvety throw with Dashwood and my laptop. I wish winter (or at least a chilly spring) would last FOREVER because I'm positively dreading the 100-plus degree summer temperatures that are the norm here in the mountains.

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