Monday, September 17, 2007

Brandie and Micah's Wedding

I love weddings, especially now that the young people at Lake Murray are now coming of age to marry. Micah is the oldest of the Huff offspring -- William is the first service Sunday School teacher (and he totally rocks!) and Joan is our choir director and pianist. So to watch Micah and Brandie get married on Saturday was simply lovely.

The reception really got swinging after the bride and groom arrived (a rather long wait for the guests, but that's always the way). The music was good, a little too much country, but good. The most fun part was singing the Turtle's "Happy Together" and "Chapel of Love" to the bride and groom as they cut the cake -- the music happened to be playing and everyone just spontaneously joined in and sang to them, drowning out the music from the DJ. Then the dancing -- I jumped out on the dance floor for "Love Shack" -- one simply can't remain still when the B-52's are playing! About six of us joined into a circle (including William) and several of us were doing the Twist. (And yes, I'm still sore from that four minutes of exercise, thankyouverymuch. And yes, it was absolutely worth every ache and pain to dance again!) Other good music was also playing -- Vanilla Ice and some great oldies; Kitty, Diana, Debbie, and I had a little routine going while we were in the food line to "Still the One," among other mischief and silliness.

Weddings are so much fun, especially when dancing is involved. It was so wonderful to see so many church friends loosen up and dance away the afternoon.

And many good wishes for a sweet marriage and a wonderful life to Brandie and Micah, currently on their honeymoon up the coast in a convertible....

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