Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Not-So-Very-Good Day

I found myself praying a lot today. Especially after I opened my e-mail, that is. I woke up in more physical pain than usual, so after s-l-o-w-l-y showering and gathering my yogurt and granola for breakfast, I settled at the computer and gulped down my meds, hoping they would help how rotten I was feeling. But things certainly worsened as I opened my e-mail and saw in the subject line that dear Ellie, wife of Pastor Bob, had gone Home to be with God. Ellie had suffered for many years from rheumatoid arthritis, and then was diagnosed with cancer last year. She and Bob have been so encouraging to me. A few years ago when I was bedrodden with autoimmune issues, Ellie called me and prayed with me often; it was so comforting to talk with someone who suffered with similar physical issues and also possessed the same spiritual desire to live a life that transcended physical limitations.

Bob and Ellie have served so amazingly together: services and Bible studies at County Mental Health, Cloisters, and other places where people suffer. Bob preached at Lake Murray a few weeks ago, talking from a place of pain and sorrow as Ellie grew closer to her eternal Home. I wrote them a note after his preaching, just thanking them for their wonderful support while I've been ill and to tell them that they're in my prayers. Bob called a few days later to thank me, and that's the last I heard from them until the e-mail this morning.

The next e-mail in my inbox this morning was from our former secretary at Lake Murray, telling me that my former professor, advisor, and mentor, Dr. De Saegher, was having cancer surgery this morning. He and his wife, Lou, came up to PV a couple of months ago and took the kids and me to lunch at Major's Diner where we had a lovely time catching up and talking about homeschooling; I found out today from one of the women in our school office that their son and his family have joined our school this year. I've been in prayer for Dr. D's healing and recovery and for Lou's comfort.

Later this morning I took E to the dentist and also had one tooth of mine checked that has been sensitive to cold lately. At first I was told that my filling needed to be redone -- $800. Then as the dentist drilled the old filling out, he found that a root canal was needed. Now the bill was $2100 -- and after the other news of the day and the financial stress we're under due to my medical bills, I burst into tears. Dr. Barber put a temporary filling in for now, and the root canal will be done next week. And he felt badly enough about the bill that he offered to pay $300 of the bill -- how sweet!

So today was a good day to light a candle, focus on the cross that sits on the shelf above my desk, and just pray.

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Sentient Marrow said...

I'm so sorry Susanne.

Hey, before you get that root canal, check out the discount dental plans and you might be able to save money. We purchased one that is saving us 20% on J's braces for only $139/15 months. The price for an individual is even less and the orthodontist we're using is even one our dentist recommended. I think the website addy for plans is


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