Saturday, September 22, 2007

First Day of Fall....

The cool autumn weather today on the First Day of Fall made it very hard to believe that last week we were watching a fire burn during temperatures near 100 and humidity in single digits. A winter-type storm in San Diego County in September is a rarity; the last time it happened was 1986. However, we received only a few sprinkles late this morning, with the highs in the mid-forties. Later on in the afternoon when the sun peeked out, the thermometer nearly bumped sixty, but not quite.

Fall is here, although I doubt seriously that we've seen the last of the hot days; October can bring those nasty Santa Ana winds that dry the skin and make sleeping nearly impossible with highs in the 110s and the lows in the 80s. I'm hoping we'll escape such a weather pattern, but the autumn is notoriously unpredictable, as today's unseasonably cold weather demonstrated. I would love to be settling in for the winter rather that fighting the heat, but only time will tell.

We'll be turning on the furnace tonight and will check for firewood sources as we have none left from last winter. Welcome, Autumn! Stay cool for us, okay?

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