Friday, April 24, 2009

The 24th Poem of National Poetry Month

Well, after drafting 23 poems thus far this month, I certainly cannot complain about not having enough raw material to work with for quite a while. I have a date with the local writers' workshop on the second Tuesday in May to bring along a revision of my Rossetti poem, and I certainly have a goodly number to work on besides that one.

NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) thus far has been a real success, at least in enabling me to produce a lot of raw work to consider and revise. I'm very excited about the possibilities I've unearthed over the past few months.

So here I am at 10 PM, wondering what to write tonight. I really enjoyed the acrostic poem I wrote the other day, and I've assigned my little junior high writing class (T, J, and a neighboring girl) the assignment of writing at least one each of the following poetic forms over the next two weeks: haiku, tanka, cinquain, diamante, acrostic, and free verse. I've written haiku, tanka, and free verse this month, but only one acrostic. (Cinquains and diamante are more "kid" forms taught in elementary, so I'll write some with them, but they're not really the serious poetry I am hoping to accomplish this month.) So an acrostic it is!


Pen in hand, seeking
Obsolete phrases and words ~
Eeking meaning from nothing.
Truth sharpens, fades, focuses again ~
Reality and imagination merge, dance,
Yielding their essence to me.

(c) 2009 Susanne Barrett

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