Friday, April 10, 2009

Value of Liturgy

Along with half the Christian blogosphere, I avidly read the InternetMonk, a.k.a. Michale Spencer. Yesterday's post by his "Liturgical Gangstas" on the value of liturgy echoes what I have discovered in my own journey toward liturgy. One of them mentioned the fact that in liturgy, we are joining with worship in heaven -- which is one real value I see in liturgy.

Here's the article -- it's a really wonderful view of the value of liturgy from pastors who practice it on a daily basis, geared toward a more evangelical who may not: The Value of Liturgy.

For me, I find the value of liturgy simply in what liturgy is made from: God's Word. Liturgy really is nothing else but God's Word arranged in such a way that the pastor and God's people are working together in praying His Word. I love participating in liturgy because it's not passive worship; I am involved. I take part in liturgical worship. It's the major value I find in liturgy: taking part in God's Word with our church family together. It's a very cool thing. Very cool.

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