Saturday, April 4, 2009

Poem 4: Art Prompt

When I got my new laptop, I was ready for a new wallpaper after seven years of Fra Angelico's Resurrection, Somehow, I found myself drawn to Rosetti's work after seeing a PreRaphaelite exhibit at the San Diego Museum of Art a couple of years ago. She intrigues me, and I just love having her as my wallpaper.

So when a poetry prompt suggested composing a poem on a work of art, I knew exactly where to turn. So here it is -- a rough draft, of course.

On Rosetti's La Pia de Tolomei

Folds of gossamer satin capture light,
her velvet scarf carelessly thrown aside.
Brown waves cascade down her back,
gray-green eyes focused far beyond sight.
Her hands clasped in her lap,
she twists a golden ring
around, around her finger.

Her prayer book open at her side,
rosary laid aside, letters spread beneath --
lately at prayer yet now
absorbed in troubled thoughts
in her leafy haven,
so brief a reprieve from her private prison.
Ravens circling above nearby roofs
cast darkening shadows,
unmasking clouded thoughts
as she twists her marriage band
around, around her finger.

(c) 2009 Susanne Barrett

1 comment:

Dancingirl said...

You really did capture the picture with words. Love how you repeated "around" and "around, around her finger." Very effective.


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