Monday, April 27, 2009

One Thing: Shakespeare Class

On Monday I'll be starting to facilitate the One Thing: Shakespeare class on Brave Writer. Last year we studied a lot of biography of Will along with history of the Elizabethan theatre before looking at sonnets and scenes from Much Ado About Nothing. It was a rockin' four weeks last May, but we celebrated Shakespeare Month with style.

This new class is going to focus on a single play: Twelfth Night. We're going to actually read the play together and discuss ways to make it really fun! I've found some cool resources and am looking forward to a great class. I really enjoy walking through a play by the Bard scene by scene and even line by line, uncovering his comic genius and incredible word play. It's gonna be sooooo cool!

If you're interested in checking out the class, the link is right here: One Thing: Shakespeare. Brave Writer also has some other great classes available to finish off your homeschooling year just right: Spring Class Schedule. The other One Thing classes are taught for a month throughout the year on topics such as nature journaling, copywork and dictation, grammar, poetry, and other fun subjects. The idea: focus our home school language arts on One Thing each month, and as May is Shakespeare month at Brave Writer, enjoying the Bard we shall.

I love working for Brave Writer. Where else would I get paid for chatting about Shakespeare online? :)

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