Monday, September 20, 2010

Continuing on the Pathway to One Thousand Gifts

This week I continue on the path to One Thousand Gifts with the Gratitude Community....

At times the journey seems easy; at times we seem to be going uphill more than down. Last week felt like an uphill battle. This week seems more...even. And that's a good thing.

This week I'm thanking God for....

326. ...the joy of fresh new journals just begging to be filled with words from my pen.

327. ...the simple joy of pen scratching across a blank page, dipped into inkwell, and back to the page again.

328. ...for a better week this week, with less pain and an improved outlook.

329. ...quiet late nights after the house is tucked in for the night and peace fills heart and soul at long last.

330. ...the start of new fall television. I know, not a very spiritual "gift" but one that helps to distract me from pain in the evenings...especially with Dancing with the Stars tonight.

331. ...a lovely weekend with my girl who was home from college for the first time in two weeks (and who is texting me after each new contestant on Dancing with the Stars while I type this).

332. ...finding a wonderful web site for online grading for my co-op writing classes, Engrade.

333. ...the precious joy of praying the Scriptures on Friday mornings with the Anglicans at Blessed Trinity.

334. ...a wonderful date with my husband, with a dinner out and another viewing (the 4th for me) of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. And he liked it. I know he loves me when he accompanies me to Twilight movies. :)

335. ...having the soundtrack to the above film stuck in my head since last Thursday night's date. ;)

So with grace showering down, and gratitude peeping around the corner as autumn arrives with a touch of frost and the promise of tart Pippins on our tree,

holy experience

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