Monday, September 6, 2010

On the Journey to Gratitude

As we journey the pilgrim pathway together, I thank God for His gifts, little and great, that keep me ever hungering and thirsting for His Holy Spirit guiding my life with the Gratitude Community.

And thus I continue on the journey to A Thousand Gifts, thanking Him this day for:

306. ...the path He illumines for me, lighting one step, the next step, at a time, so that I may walk forward in faith, loving and serving along the way.

307. ...when the cookie jar lid breaks--my favorite Classic Pooh--it breaks into two large pieces that are mended easily with Super Glue, with only a small fissure showing.

308. ...when a friend is injured deeply, she tells me, sharing her private heart o' hearts. While my heart weeps for her broken heart, broken spirit, we draw near to the One who calms the storm, heals the wounds, resurrects the dead. Our hearts entwine in prayer for His miracles. He is there, in the midst of unspeakable pain, knitting hearts together, mending what has been shattered and seemingly destroyed beyond repair.

309. ...a daughter who delights to come home from college...a family apart for the week reunited for the weekend, laughing over the dinner table. My chicks are back, nestled under my mothering wings.

310. nights when searing days seem endless.

311. ...His Holy Word, whispered lovingly into my ear, when others refuse to understand.

312. ...hope, despite all that strives against it.

313. ...a new class starting at Brave Writer this week; the joy of teaching story writing to young persons from here in Southern California to on the other side of the world (Russia and Singapore, thus far).

314. ...starting our co-op Class Day courses this Thursday. While I teach writing to high schoolers, our boys will be taking classes in Biology, Fine Arts, General Science, Chess, PE, California History, and Lego Engineering.

315. ...sweet friends who support, encourage, nudge, exhort, advise, and, most of all, LOVE--friends online whom I have never met, friends who live far yet remain close to heart, friends who live near and reach out with open arms and open hearts to love, challenge, and pray.

Walking forward in gratitude,

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sarah said...

What a lovely post (as usual) :-) I hope your day is a good one.


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