Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Writing Has Got Up and Went

I love writing. Or used to love it.

I haven't felt much like composing poetry. Or writing in my journal(s). Or blogging. My sincerest apologies to my dear friends who follow along here. But I just haven't been in the mood.

But it's more than just not being in the mood.

Part of my writing blues is a result of the e-mails and forum posts I've dealt with about being a "contemplative Christian." I don't deal well with confrontation; I just want everyone to get along, especially other Christians. But to have my friends' faith in Christ and mine to be questioned because of being "contemplative" deeply disturbs me. Rocks me to my core, in fact.

Especially when the soul of my contemplative journey consists of God's Word.

So I've been reluctant to put myself back out here, in both verse and in prose. I know that nothing could really happen by my posting here, but I suppose that I am a bit gun-shy, for lack of a better word. I am working on...praying to...regain my enjoyment of writing--the sheer joy of playing with words and phrases. I miss the adventure, the way minutes and perhaps hours escape as I draw words from my depths and splay them across the page, seeking the expression of Truth.

I miss it. A lot.

So I hope to be "back"--fully back--very soon. Whole-heartedly back.

Very soon.

Pen in hand, and perhaps even keyboard ready, prepared to share from my heart and soul again.

I'll keep posting...but what I truly need is the JOY. And the absence of fear.

From my depths,


paper roads said...

I am so sorry you were troubled by other people's opinions on this matter. It is very hard to put your heart out in public via the internet, I know. I hope you do find the courage and calm to keep writing. One or two people may see things differently from you, but many more will be touched I'm sure by your gentleness and the thought you put into your written words.

Susanne Barrett said...

I know that you're right, Sarah...or at least my mind agrees with you. But my's a sensitive little thing and gets bruised easily. Still I have hope that the bruises will heal and my heart will lead me back into the joy of writing.

I so appreciate your support and kind, kind heart! :)

Jane D. said...

much love to you Susanne x.


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