Tuesday, February 6, 2007

A Dear Companion

This is the guy who cuddles with me every night. Dashwood, Dash for short, is nearly a year-and-a-half old, and is my comfort when I'm in pain and sofa-bound.

We got Dash from a family who lost their home in the devastating Cedar Fire of 2003. Keith designed their new home, and the Catholic family of seven invited us to their house warming and home blessing. The blessing of the home was a lovely ceremony, one that I will remember. This family also raises miniature dachshunds, our favorite breed of dog. After the blessing, we got to see the only puppy the family had from the latest litter. The puppy licked E's face over and over, and Keith, with a little persuasion, gave us the okay to take him home.

Dash has been part of our family since Halloween 2005. He was not easy to house train, and E took his training in hand, including weekly classes at PetSmart. He still tends to bark at any person he sees, even if they're all the way across the meadow, but otherwise, Dash is just a love of a dog. A lap dog who is always found curled up with any of the four kids during school, Dash is beloved by everyone, and even became the subject of one of T's essays for his current BraveWriter writing class.

This week the kids taught Dash to fetch a frisbee nearly his own size. I'll post the photos when I have a chance. But until then, enjoy this photo of our darlin' pup.

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