Friday, February 9, 2007

An Interesting School Day...

We started off the day with a dissection of owl pellets -- the pellets that owls regurgitate all the fur and bones from their gizzard that they can't digest.

Science project. Oh goody.

Fortunately, the owl pellet was pasteurized, so the boys couldn't get any nasty germs, etc. T carefully picked it apart, finding many shrew ribs and jaws (with teeth included), and a shrew skull. We bleached the bones in a weak Clorox solution, and the boys matched up bones on the included chart to see which animals were consumed by this particular owl.

We went from owl pellets to studying how World War I. Then to grammar and spelling and math. The boys took a late afternoon break to the library's Friday afternoon kids art class, where today they were constructing three-dimensional kites out of drinking straws and string. B, although he's only 7, figured out an easier way of threading the straws. Next week they'll finish the kites.

As I sat at the library for the hour-and-a-half that the boy worked on their kites, I read the newspaper and our town's monthly newspaper, The Valley Views. While I relaxed, I had a chance to visit with several friends who also stopped by the library whom I haven't seen for a while around town. Very nice!

So a bit of a different homeschool day ... owl pellets, kites, and all.

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