Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Lenten Rule of Life

We received this in our bulletins at Alpine Anglican this week. A "Rule of Life" does not reduce our relationship with God to a set of rules; rather, these guidelines help us in our commitment to draw closer to our Lord and Saviour during this Holy time of Lent.

This checklist is for private use, Father stressed. For us to pray over and ask God for guidance regarding what He would have us to do to increase our love for and knowledge of Him. Then we are to keep them in our Bibles as reminders of our commitments.


Self-examination and repentance:
Review each day using:
___ 10 Commandments (BCP p. 68-69)
___ Private Confession (BCP p. 589)
___ Sacramental confession once during Lent

___ I will attend every Sunday Mass in Lent
___ I will attend ___ Weekday Mass in Lent
___ I will join in the family Daily Prayers (BCP p. 587 or 589)
___ I will attend Stations of the Cross on Fridays in Lent
___ I will pray the Daily Office daily (___Morning; ___Evening; ___ Both)
___ I will spend ___ minutes daily in prayer and meditation

Fasting and Self-Denial
___ I will fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday
I will abstain:
___ Eating no meat on Wednesdays and Fridays
___ Eating meat only once a day in Lent
___ No eating between meals
___ I will give up _____________ (something specific) in Lent
___ I will take on ______________ (something specific) in Lent


___ I will use the Lenten Mite Box
___ I will give $____ to _________
___ I will make a special offering to ____________

Reading and Studying God's Word
___ I will read the book _________________
___ I will attend the Wednesday Lenten study
___ I will read the Bible ____ minutes per day

All this I will do, God being my helper.

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