Wednesday, February 28, 2007

We drove home last night through a small blizzard as we topped the 4000-foot pass on the Interstate. After three days at what my friend Kim calls "Dizzyland" and California Adventure with my family (parents, brother and his family, sister from Montana and her family, our family -- 16 of us in all), plus taking E to Junior Cotillion and picking up the dog from Keith's niece's place, we were tired and not ready for the snow. We crawled wearily into bed, hardly considering the white stuff outside. Fortunately, Sheri turned on our heat, so we came home to a warm home.

This morning I heard the front door opening and closing, which meant that the boys were sneaking out for snow play. We had over two inches; up on Mount Laguna was more than a foot of snow. We ended up going into the city for most of the day, and most of the snow was gone by the time we got home.

We were glad to be greeted by the snow but too tired to do much about it. Except for the boys, whose love for the white stuff is never ending.

Back to "real life" now -- no more Disneyland!

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