Saturday, February 17, 2007

Roses Are Red...

Keith gave me two rose bushes for Valentine's Day -- one very red climber, "Blaze," and a pinkish-red simgle-blossom, "Watermelon Ice."

He helped me plant them today. He dug the holes; I planted the bare root bushes. Then after I had filled the little circles I had made around the bushes, they sunk too low and Keith had to replant them a little higher up when I ran out of steam.

I also planted some violet-pink tulips, some pale pink stocks, and three Madrid lavenders. I am DONE for -- that was much more work than I usually do in the garden at one time.

He also bought a peach tree which we'll try to plant tomorrow. I'll try to get some pictures soon -- even if I have to use Keith's ponderous Nikon -- and less than two weeks until my birthday when I will hopefully get my own digital camera.

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