Wednesday, March 21, 2007

E's Last Dance

E just finished her six-month course with the California Junior Cotillion with a "Sock-Hop" style Spring Dance. Learning the "East Coast Swing" has been both fun and challenging, with different moves like the outside-inside turn, the crossover turn, the transfer, the "slide" and finally the "washing machine." Here she's dancing again with Travis, the same guy whom we pictured from the Winter Ball. He's one of the better dancers and is tall enough for E to dance with easily.

E is wearing one of my mother's formals from the late '50s; it runs a little short on E as she's a few inches taller than my mother, but Mom was glad to lend it to her for the occasion. I'm sure glad we keep formal dresses in this family! The other girls were mostly wearing poodle skirts and looked straight out of "Grease." But E was a step above, and made a lovely picture as she twirled and swirled around the 1920s-era ballroom at the San Diego Women's Club, the very club to which her great-great-great grandmother belonged.

History repeats itself more often than we know....


Katrina365 said...

E is a beautiful young lady, and that's quite the "hand-me-down!" :)

SusansPlace said...

Wow...beautiful dress and E is gorgeous! Amazing how time flies.


carrie said...

What a great picture! She looks so grown up. I love to dance. I'm glad E is getting a chance to learn and have fun.


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