Saturday, March 3, 2007

Today Is My Birthday (da da da-da da)

Today I turned 41. I woke up to birthday hugs from the boys and my girl, to handmade cards and sweet gifts from them: a dip pen and ink set from B&N from the boys and a necklace/earring set from E. Margo gave me a bouquet of yellow daffs and rosemary yesterday, along with cards from her, Judith, Denise (who shares my birthday), along with more cards from family and friends, including one from a very special friend in Australia. I also was wished a Happy Birthday from the LampPost, a very cool Internet community.

I took the boys to Healing Service at Alpine Anglican with me, then dropped them at the office to do school with Keith and E. I then ran an errand and popped over to my dear friend Kitty's house, and we went to lunch at the Village Garden in La Mesa Village. We had such a lovely time, talking literature, family, relationships, past work experience, etc. She may even have convinced me to read Shaffer's Equus. She gave me a writing desk and encouragement to keep on writing; it's perfect for storing the calligraphy inks and pens the kids gave me this morning.

After lunch, I headed to Barnes and Noble and the adjoining Starbucks, where I spent a pleasant two hours ALONE with Foster's Devotional Classics, my journals, and Judges 21 and Ruth 1 for Bible Study. What a precious time alone with Jesus! I came home to find several birthday cards in my e-mail box and a nice birthday card from my pastor, and Keith brought home flowers and a card as well.

Keith, E, and I looked for a digital camera at Circuit City; they no longer carry the one Keith wants to get me in store; we'll have to order it. We saw Music and Lyrics, which was a sweet romantic comedy and then had a late dinner at Chili's, where I splurged on barbecued ribs and a chocolate shake for dessert.

I had a lovely birthday -- simply wonderful.

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Katrina365 said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful day. :)


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