Saturday, March 3, 2007

A Small Grrrr...

A couple of weeks ago, I planted some frost-resistant flowers in my garden: lots of pansies, stocks, tulips, etc. Today, after a week of rain and snow (we now are experiencing VERY high winds, the kind that shake the house and keep us awake all night), I went out to see how my pretties are doing.

I have one word to say: RABBITS.

The cute little fluffy things with their adorable white fluffy cotton tails have been feasting BOUNTIFULLY on my little garden efforts. Most of the pansies now have naked stems sticking up where purple and yellow blooms used to be. The pale pink stocks -- my favorite scented flower -- are now nude stems, devoid of all leaves and flowers. I didn't dare peep into the back garden, where I am planning to work a bit tomorrow, because I am terrified to see how the lavender is doing. Fortunately, the daffodils and tulips have not bloomed yet, although from their looks, I'll be seeing pale yellow daffs sometime next week.

I love my garden, but the critters frustrate me! Cute and cuddly they appear, but WATCH OUT! They are simply waiting for my back to turn so they can dine sumptuously on my lovely blooms. The gardener's BANE (besides aphids, moles, and weeds) must be those cute little white tails I saw in the swing of our headlights as they scattered across the lawn last night.

What can a gardener do? (Besides getting out a BB gun, I mean....)


Sandie said...

One year I planted this huge labrynth in pansys and merigolds. It was really pretty, it had taken 10 of us over 12 hours to get it done! In two nights the rabbits had eaten everything! It is hard for me to plant flowers because I know they will be eaten by my wildlife!

Susanne B. said...

Wow! I think I'd be thinking murder at that point. Whew!

The funny thing is that we didn't have ANY rabbits until the fires of three years ago. Now when we come home at night, we see a good half dozen scattering across the lawn in our headlights. They are EVERYWHERE.


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