Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Movie Day

This afternoon, E and I met up with the Alpine Anglican crowd at the mall to see the film Amazing Grace. The story of William Wilberforce, the man responsible for abolishing the slave trade in Great Britain around 1800, it was superbly acted by a stellar cast, including Ioan Gruffuld of Fantastic Four fame, Michael Gambon who plays Dumbledore in the latest Harry Potter films, Albert Finney as John Newton, Ciaran Hinds, Rufus Sewell, and other stellar actors. The story was touching, so touching that I was in tears by the end (not uncommon, mind you). What a lovely film about faith, hope, and love -- and truly, the greatest of these is love.

Tonight, Keith, E and I settled down and watched our Netflix selection, The Illusionist, which included Rufus Sewell from the above movie. Keith had it figured out well before the revealing point, and I didn't figure it out until just before. It was a lovely movie, set in 1900 Vienna, about illusion, love, and power. The ending is a triumph.

I watch so few movies that watching two in one day is quite a feat, plus I believe that today's theatre film is the fifth of 2007 -- more than I've seen in the theatre over the past two years combined.

Both movies are highly recommended -- and do NOT miss Amazing Grace. It's everything a movie should be. (I'm watching Ferris Bueller on TV as I type this, so I know what I'm talking about!)

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