Friday, March 9, 2007

A Pianeee

Yes, today I bought a piano. For a hundred bucks. Thanks to our small town rumor mill, the boys' piano teacher mentioned yesterday that the Bible Camp across the meadow (two miles away) was selling the pianos in their conference rooms in order to purchase keyboards instead. Well, the boys are definitely outgrowing their borrowed keyboard in their lessons, but I only had my BraveWriter paycheck. I didn't want to spend all $225, if at all possible.

Sheri came over to the camp with me since their piano is unplayable, and we were told that we could have any of the eight pianos for a $100 donation. We fist checked out the ones where our church usually holds the women's retreat (Joan, our church pianist, will be quite upset to see the large piano in Windfield Hall go as she always makes it sing for us -- loud and strong). The small room next to Winfield has a small Wurltizer, shiny black and compact. The other pianos were all huge -- I loved the looks but couldn't really fit them into our living room. So after a quick call to Keith, I wrote a check and we'll pick it up on Monday. So, we now have our own piano for the first time! The other piano we had for ten years was borrowed, and the owner asked for it back just as we were moving to the mountains, so the timing to give it back was perfect. Sheri's husband will go look at the pianos tonight or tomorrow and see which one he wants since he's the musician of their family.

So now the boys have a full set of keys to play, and I have further motivation to learn myself as I much prefer pianos over electronic keyboards. How I wish I had more hours in a day to do all I want to do and learn!


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