Friday, May 25, 2007

Another Anglican Moment

This morning Friday's Healing Service was cancelled as Father Acker and Alice were out of town on family business. It was a good week for me to miss since I was still exhausted from yesterday's art contest and Wellness Fair; it was nice to sleep in.

Today Keith took all four kids with him to work and gave me a couple of hours at Starbucks to write. I started out my time with one of my favorite books, John Baillie's excellent little treasure, The Diary of Private Prayer. An Anglican who doed in 1960, this little classic has taught me so much about prayer; it's set up as a page of morning and evening prayers for 31 days, plus special morning and evening prayers for Sundays. So one can pray through the book each month, and the prayers never get old or worn. His prayers have a global and confessional aspect unlike anything I had ever prayed before. It was first recommended to me by my online friend Karen, and I've either recommended or given it to at least a dozen people. It's a precious book of prayer with its basis in the Book of Common Prayer.

Eventually I will have to get a hardcover copy as my paperback is getting rather worn and yellowed. If you don't have a copy of this little 135-page book, I can't recommend it enough. It was the perfect way, along with the Psalms for the 25th morning from the Book of Common Prayer, to start another writing session on my testimony which I will be weaving throughout my book as a unifying and personal factor.

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